Hurricane Preparedness Tips for your Generator

*All internal combustion engines consume oil, so it is important to check the engine oil every 24 hours of continued operation.

⦁ Turn off the output breaker
⦁ Turn off the generator
⦁ Add additional oil as needed to maintain the proper oil level
⦁ Restart the generator by placing it in “Auto” mode
⦁ Turn on the output breaker
⦁ Make sure that the battery is operational and charged by running an additional exercise. The procedure to run a manual exercise can be found in your owner’s manual. Be sure when completed you switch generator back to “Auto”.
⦁ Do not overload the generator with non-essential power. Turn off all non-essential loads.
⦁ Close your generator’s lid when not checking the oil.

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We hope you and your families are safe during any storms, and our thoughts are with you.

Christopher Pesce
Pesh-E-Lectric, Inc.